Welcome to the Behavior Wellness Center at 15 Engle Street. We are an association of licensed and certified mental health professionals and educators who understand and teach the application of mind-body connection to daily living. Come and experience our comprehensive services, as you learn to refocus, pursue, and manage your life.

Simply stated, our staff is dedicated to helping change your life path. That change is best illustrated by the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu’s quote featured below.

Watch your thoughts. . .they become words
Watch your words. . .they become actions
Watch your actions. . .they become habits
Watch your habits. . .they become character
Watch your character. . .it becomes your destiny!


Changing your life path through thoughts, words and actions leads to healthy, effective life habits that ultimately defines your character, helping you to craft a new destiny.

At the Behavior Wellness Center, we provide services for individuals, families, couples and organizations, and in doing so we utilize both Western and Eastern models for improving daily life, productivity and mental health. These approaches include traditional psychotherapy, training and consulting services. We integrate these services with Eastern philosophy and the practice of Yoga, Tai Chi, Ki Gong and Meditation. We offer Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group and Mindfulness Cognitive Behavior Therapy, both of which combine Eastern and Western approaches. In addition, we can tailor services to fit your personal or organizational needs.

The initial meeting is by appointment. See our contact information below to call, text, or email us to schedule a time to meet and discuss your expectations and our services. We will respond to your message as soon as is possible.

The Events Calendar specifies walk-in activities that DO NOT REQUIRE a prior meeting. All changes to the Events Calendar are current to the day. Please check the Events Calendar before coming to the event in case it has been rescheduled.

The cost for traditional mental health services is discussed during the initial phone call and/or meeting. The educational programs, which include self-help seminars and practices such as yoga and meditation, are relatively inexpensive and available to the general public.


  • Lucien Duquette, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Meditation Specialist
  • Mallory Everett, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist (Permit holder)
  • Ashley Pirone, MSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  • Caroline Roach, PsyD, Licensed Psychologist (Permit holder)
  • Melissa Scollan-Koliopoulos, EDD, Licensed Family & Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner